Friday, 2 January 2015

A LUSH Christmas

Hi everyone! 

I hope you're all okay. 

This Christmas I got a huge goody bag full of Lush products from my mum! What a lucky girl I am! 

I LOVE Lush products, but can never justify buying them regularly. 
My mum knows how much I love taking baths, especially at this time of year. She also knows my taste VERY well and picked out a variety of gorgeous products! There is not one that I don't love the smell of and I'm super excited to try them all out as I haven't used any of these before. 

I will make a post for each one once I've used it and let you know what it's like. 

The first I've used is called Think Pink. It's described on the Lush website as a 'relaxing pink bath bomb with a sweet vanilla and tonka fragrance'. Apparently you'll feel as though you're getting 'a big hug and find yourself surrounded in rice paper confetti hearts'. The vanilla fragrance is from vanilla absolute which is Fair Trade and the Tonka adds a caramel undertone. It also contains Neroli for a citrus top note and Lavender to clear your mind. 

I love the look of the bath bomb. It's right up my flowery alley!! Look at it! So pretty! 

It made my bath a gorgeous pink shade and the scent was beautiful and really strong - which I love. I hate having a nice scent that disappears as soon as it's in the water. 

The hearts were a surprise to me as I hadn't read the website's description and the label doesn't mention them. They were super fun and cute and I really enjoyed seeing them float through the water when I moved my legs. Plus there are a few left today and look so pretty! 

Overall, a very lush Lush bath! 

Thank you for reading! 

Love, Tiffany xx

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