Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Christmas Trees and Golden Eyes


Today has been oh so cold! I've had a busy day walking varies doggies and quite frankly, I'm freezing!!

I've just made a yummy hot chocolate, using real Cadbury's Dairy Milk melted into Milk! This was inspired by a recent video by Fleur de Force making spiced orange hot choc! I've just missed out the spiced orange part but it sure is yummy!! You can see Fleur's video here -

I'm having a cosy afternoon after being out in the cold all day! The lights on the tree is lit, I have my festive Christmas minion jumper on and the dogs are snoozing! Lovely!

There is a group on Facebook for owners of pusgs. There are actually quite a few, but this one in particular is a small group and we have all become very friendly! This year we have done a Secret Santa pug style!! The maximum spend was £5 and we were give our pug/person to send our gift to! I received my little parcel for my two furbabies yesterday and we are all opening them at the same time this evening!! I'm far too excited, it's slightly unhealthy! I shall post later what our little gift is!

I have a post planned for tomorrow for my November favourites! Plus my Blogmas post, so stay tuned if you're enjoying my ramblings!

Love, Tiffany x

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