Sunday, 21 December 2014

Mini Haul for Christmas!

Hi everyone! 

I hope you're all okay! I know I've completely failed on the 'Blogmas' front! I have a new laptop charger so my laptop is back in business, but... my own business is SO busy at the moment and it's far too hard to find a minute to sit and write anything when you have a house full of doggies and walks to do! 

So it will just be posts from now on, as I can't promise daily Christmas posts. 

I went to Meadowhall the other day to do my Christmas shopping. It was the first day in weeks I've had free so needed to get practically all of my shopping done! I tell you, I was in there that long I thought I'd actually die in there!! 

It was a successful shopping trip though, and I have a few items to show you. 

Elizabeth Arden - Eight Hour Cream Gift Set (£32.00)

I originally purchased this in Debenhams, but couldn't find it online so have linked to John Lewis where it can be purchased at the same price. 

I bought this for my mum as she is constantly trying out moisturisers. She's in her 50s and has pernicious anaemia causing her skin to become extremely dull and dry - more so when she is due her vitamin b12 injection. 

She loves Olay products, but only ever buys herself the cheaper items in the range. She won't justify purchasing the more expensive creams so I thought this would be a great way of testing out a new brand and seeing if it helps her skin. 

The price was originally £42.00 but can now be purchased at £32.00. It comes in a nice little bag and has 5 products in: The Original Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant 50ml, Intensive Moisturising Body Treatment 30ml, Intensive Moisturising Hand Treatment 30ml, Intensive Daily Moisturiser for Face 15ml, Lip Protectant Stick 3.7g.

The Body Shop Vanilla Brulee Body Butter (£13.00) and Bob the Polar Bear Bath Sponge (£4.00)

I went in to The Body Shop looking for a gift for my friend who's a nail technician and recently did my nails all Christmassy and amazing for nothing for a Christmas present! 

I've heard a lot of people mention the vanilla brulee scent and with it being a Christmas limited edition item I thought it would be a nice gift. Lucky me as these full sized body butters were on offer for 2 for £16.00!! So I picked another up for myself and it is really yummy! 

The polar bear was just a cute little extra! She loves animals and her and her husband really want a dog but are waiting to move so she loves coming and seeing mine and my boarding dogs. I thought Bob would be a little pet for her until her own comes along! 

Chanel Perfection Lumiere Foundation in 10 Beige (£36.00)

This is a bit of a naughty splurge for myself! I'd finished my Christmas shopping and planned on a quick Boots trip for a new drugstore foundation. That didn't happen.. oops! 

I originally went in looking at the Vitalumiere Aqua which has been raved about by beauty bloggers and Youtubers for ages! I have oily skin so wasn't sure whether it would be for me, but when such as Tanya Burr has mentioned it has even been okay in her oily T-Zone I thought I'd give it a go. 

When I asked the sales assistant, she recommended something more long wearing so I took her advice and was colour matched to 10 Beige, which is the lightest shade. 

I've worn this a couple of times since purchasing and first impressions are great! So far I love it! It's held up amazingly on my skin while I have been out in the cold all day dog walking! Usually I come back home a hot mess!! 

The packaging is also amazing! So classy, great quality and has that classic channel black with embossed logo on the top of the lid. (Ahhhhhh).
I will do a full review on this in a couple of weeks when I've tested it properly, but so far I'm very happy with this purchase! 

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