Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Mini Post-Christmas Haul

Hi everyone!! 

Firstly, I hope everyone had an AMAZING Christmas, ate lots, drank lots and just had a super time!! 
I had a lovely quiet Christmas. I had 2 days off which meant quality time with my own pets, my OH and my mum! We had a scrummy dinner at her house and took our two puggies wit hus which made a total of 5 dogs at her house! 

I'm planning a 'What I Got for Christmas' post in the next week. This is by no means to brag, far from it! It's more that I know how much we all like to be nosy and I absolutely love watching YouTube videos and reading other blog posts on what people received! 

This post is just a mini haul I did yesterday when I popped into town to Boots and Superdrug. I originally went in to go and purchase the Sensationail Deluxe Starter Kit (mentioned in several of FleurDeForce's YouTube videos) as it has been marked down from £110.00 to £55.00!! 
Disappointing fact is they've completely sold out - the obvious thing to do was spend the money I had for that on other items I didn't need! 

First items : Haircare! 

Lee Stafford Bleach Blondes Shampoo - 250ml

(£6.99 or 3 for £15 on Lee Stafford haircare in Boots)

I bought this to use in place of a toning shampoo I have by Matrix as I find that particular product very drying on my hair. I know toners aren't supposed to be conditioning but this one leaves my hair like straw!! I saw Miss Budget Beauty mention this product in a recent blog post (can be read here) which mentioned how she had achieved a lavender shade to her hair just through toning. I liked the idea of this shade rather than the bluish shade you can end up with with some very blue/purple toners. I also thought I could achieve a better blonde with something if it does visibly change to such a pinky tone after left on the hair a long time! First impressions are fab. I used the items this morning in the shower - only left on  a couple of minutes and applied twice, but my ends are definitely whiter blonde. It also felt very silky - none of the straw-like feeling I get with my other toner. I'm looking forward to testing this in the bath when I can leave it sat for 10-20 minutes! 

TRESemme Heat Defence styling Spray - 300ml

(£4.00 in Boots)
I have a lot of heat defence products in my collection, but the majority are ones that you use prior to blowdrying such as creams, gels, sprays. However, I wanted an item that I have the option of using when my hair is dry as extra protection before using my straighteners or curling irons and that wasn't going to be too heavy or greasy. We shall see what this is like! 

COLAB Dry Shampoo in PARIS - 200ml

(£3.49 in Superdrug) 
As most of you will know, this is the dry shampoo by Ruth Crilly - or 'A Model Recommends' on YouTube. I love dry shampoo and use it the day after washing my hair to save washing daily. I haven't tried this product yet but it has been on list since the launch. The fragrances are lovely - no powdery after smell like some dry shampoos have, particularly Batiste. As much as I love Batiste, I hate the scents as I find them so powdery and heavy! These however, are light, fresh and a good mixture for everyone. (Floral, fruity, classic and fresh). I picked up Paris which is described as 'An enchanting floral bouquet of jasmine & rose with a touch of patchouli'. I usually prefer sweet and fruity but this scent is lovely and I'm looking forward to using it. 

 Next up: Beauty 

Tanya Burr Lipgloss in Afternoon Tea and Aurora

(£6.99 in Superdrug)
I'm sure everyone knows by now about Tanya Burr's new cosmetics line. I wasn't overly excited but wanted to test them as there are a nice range of colours for the glosses so I thought I'd try a couple. The colours I decided on are the sort of everyday colours you can slap on when you don't want to make much effort with lipstick, but they're also equally nice for over a similar lipstick shade for a bit of shine and moisture. 
I've been wearing a lot of matte, bold lips over the last month and my lips are so dry - especially with me being out in the cold everyday. Lipglosses just give your lips a bit of a break! 
Aurora is the darker shade and I have worn it today. It's a lovely shade and the lipgloss itself is very nice. Very sticky but I like that in a lipgloss as it gives it a bit more staying power! They also have a lovely sweet scent, but without the nasty artificial taste you find with some.

Eyelure Pro-Lash Individuals 

(£5.35 in Superdrug) 
I've never actually used individuals before as I always assumed they'd be harder to apply than strip lashes. Apparently that isn't the case so I thought I'd give them a go. You get short, medium and long length individuals in this set so you can create the look you want. You also get the adhesive and a remover - they claim to be long-lasting so I guess the remover is needed - possibly! 
I'm quite excited to give them a go! 

That's all for my little haul!

Thanks for reading! 

Bye for now! 

Love, Tiffany xx

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